In Times of Hibernation


Instrumentation: SATB Choir & Solo Cello

Duration: 3:30

Movement II from Songs of Hope in Strange Times (A Choral Song Cycle)

Commissioned by: SACRA/PROFANA directed by Juan Carlos Acosta (2020)

Vocal Score: $3.00 (purchase one copy/singer)
(includes Solo Cello Part)

Note: This is a digital score (PDF).

All other movements are available as stand-alone pieces:

I. In Times of Descent
II. In Times of Hibernation
III. In Times of Stasis
IV. In Times of Re-Emergence 
V. In Times of Rising

The entire Songs of Hope in Strange Times song cycle is also available.

Program Note

The music and lyrics of Songs of Hope in Strange Times: In Times of Hibernation was written during the COVID-19 global pandemic of 2020-onwards and was commissioned by SACRA/PROFANA, directed by Juan Carlos Acosta. The overall song cycle is five movements long, with each movement reflecting on how to find hope and meaning during strange and unknown times of life. After the first scary and frenetic days in March, 2020 when the severity of COVID-19 started to become apparent in the USA, the world then seemed to enter a deeper state of hibernating and waiting, but it was not always clear exactly what was being waited for. In this second movement, In Times of Hibernation, the text asks whether we can find meaning in times of deep hibernation and seemingly-endless waiting. The answer may be that we have to simply wait and hold our breath along with time as the events unfold. It may be that the deepest meaning may be found during the quietest of times.

This movement could be performed as a stand-alone piece or as part of the entire Songs of Hope in Strange Times song cycle.

See other movements:

I. In Times of Descent
III. In Times of Stasis
IV. In Times of Re-Emergence
V. In Times of Rising

Commissioned & Performed by: SACRA/PROFANA
Conductor: Juan Carlos Acosta
Audio & Video Editing by Rumley Music & Audio Production


Half the world in slumber,
Half know neither night nor day.
The Ticking of the clock stopped,
The rustle of pages silent.
Is it here, in this state of waiting,
We hold our breath with time?

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