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Program Note

The music and lyrics of Songs of Hope in Strange Times: In Times of Rising was written during the COVID-19 global pandemic of 2020-onwards and was commissioned by Loyola Marymount University, directed by T.J. Harper. The overall song cycle is five movements long, with each movement reflecting on how to find hope and meaning during strange and unknown times of life. In Times of Rising, the fifth and final movement of the song cycle, celebrates our return to life, being together, and finding joy once again. It explores how the world around us seems so different once we have gone through difficult experiences. This feeling of seeing things in a different light can apply to so many transformative periods in our lives, including relationships, birth, death, and personal journeys. The hope with this movement and the entire Songs of Hope in Strange Times cycle is to provide a framework in which to process powerful experiences, heal from tremendous loss, and arrive at the other side with wiser minds and hearts.

This movement could be performed as a stand-alone piece or as part of the entire Songs of Hope in Strange Times song cycle.

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We rise above the surface,
The light looks different now.
The cliffs and shores we knew before
Have shifted yet remain somehow.


The sky and sea,
An unknown brilliant blue,
The ocean’s floor,
A marker of the depth we fell,
Remind us that our stories
Are songs that only time can tell.


We rise above the surface,
We too are different now.
Like time-tossed stone now turned to sand,
We’ve changed yet remain somehow.


We rise!

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