February 19th, 2024

Check out these Spring 2024 performances and composer visits around the United States!

December 3rd, 2023

Check out these Holiday 2023 performances and composer visits around the United States!


February 14th, 2023

Check out these upcoming Spring 2023 performances around the Southern California region!

January 11th, 2023


OK AGAIN – Lyric Video

Available on all streaming platforms! https://amygordonmusic.hearnow.com

Vocals, Lyrics, & Arrangement: Amy Gordon
Recording & Mixing: Katsuya Sezaki
Album Artwork: Ari Stultz

August 31st, 2022

Happy to present two brand new additions to my Catalogue & Store!

In Times of Stasis | SATB Choir (with featured Treble Choir) & String Quartet | 5:00

This piece is about the deep sense of stasis I experienced (as well as many other people, I imagine) during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in late 2020 & early 2021. This piece is special to me as it is the first time I wrote my own choral text, as well as my first time writing for full String Quartet, fulfilling two long term goals for me.


We are the Voices | SA Choir, Piano, & Bongo Drums (opt.) | 3:00

This piece was very fun to write as it fulfills specific educational parameters set by the commissioner Dr. Kyle Weary, such as only using the first 5 notes of the Major scale & very simple rhythms. I love writing within specific guidelines as it feels like solving a musical puzzle. This piece would be an easy learn for any Treble or Youth Choir!

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