We are the Voices


Instrumentation: SA Choir, Piano, & Bongo Drums (opt.)

Duration: 3:00

Commissioned by: Dr. Kyle Weary & the South Middleton School District Choirs

Program Note

We are the Voices, commissioned by Dr. Kyle Weary and dedicated to the South Middleton School District Choirs, is an anthemic text that calls upon both the singer and the listener to sing: for ourselves, for those who have passed, and for the future we would like to create. This piece is full of rhythmic drive in the piano, creating an exciting bed for the singers.

This piece is also designed to use limited pitch and rhythmic materials in order to build singer confidence and solidify learned concepts. The melody only uses Major Pentascale (do-re-mi-fa-sol) and simple rhythms in simple meters (whole, dotted half, half, quarter, & paired eighth Notes, as well as whole, half, and quarter Rests).

A Guitar may accompany the Piano using the provided chord symbols. An optional Bongo Drum part has also been included and may be used or omitted as desired.

This piece is suitable for any Treble Choir looking for an accessible setting and anthemic text.


We are the voices of the present,
Singing to make our stories heard.
Some you may know, other may be new so
Listen to our voices.


We think of voices of yesterday,
longing to have their stories heard.
Some you may know, others you may not so
Listen to their voices.


We are the voices of the future,
Inviting you to join and sing!
Bringing the change we would like to see so
Sing with our voices.

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