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Program Note

Advice from a Kitten in Spring, commissioned by the South Bay Children’s Choir, directed by Julie Corallo, is a playful exploration of a day in the life of a kitten in spring. We would be wise to take some life advice from this lighthearted kitten, especially the piece’s concluding words of wisdom: “love, live, listen”. The melodic content and text were inspired by several composition workshops with the singers in the South Bay Children’s Choir in preparation for this commission.

This piece is suitable for any Treble Choir and would fit well on a concert about animals or nature.


A perfect day. Can you imagine that.
It might help to think like a cat.


Your perfect morning might begin
With trying to wake up your human.
First a flurry of meow alarm bells
Then your signature purr in frisky color white.


Then in the afternoon you might,
Step out into the warm sunlight.
Find spots to hide, hear life with care,
But never hunt too quietly.
Scratch! Play! Boom!


Come back when the sun turns into stars,
To your crazy perfect home with a soft yard.
Stalk the halls,
Chase some balls.
Then find a lap to curl up on.


Wrap up your perfect day,
You sweet, beautiful little masterpiece.
As you enter a quiet joy: love, live, listen.

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