When Hearts Overflow


Instrumentation: SAB Choir & Piano

Duration: 2:30

Commissioned by: Orange Coast College Chorale, directed by Kelly Ann Self (premiered May, 2024)

Program Note

When Hearts Overflow, commissioned by Kelly Ann Self and the Orange Coast College Chorale, sets the beautiful poem by Kelly Ann Self. The text is a reminder that we can overcome pain and hardship if we unite, both figuratively and literally, in singing. The musical texture alternates between legato vocal lines accompanied by flowing piano arpeggios and punchier vocal statements supported by contrapuntal piano dialogue, acting as a metaphor for continuously finding joy amidst difficult times.

This piece is suitable for any Mixed-Voice ensemble and would fit well in any concert about mental health.


In echoes unspoken, where burdens reside,
A chorus takes root, and hope finds its guide.
Fractured and hurting, each voice seeks a song,
Voices entwined, each scar finds its balm.


From depths of despair, a crescendo ignites,
Forging resilience in voices of might.
Embracing the dissonance, the tears freely flow,
Together we rise, when hearts overflow.

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