Happy to present two brand new additions to my Catalogue & Store!

In Times of Stasis | SATB Choir (with featured Treble Choir) & String Quartet | 5:00

This piece is about the deep sense of stasis I experienced (as well as many other people, I imagine) during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in late 2020 & early 2021. This piece is special to me as it is the first time I wrote my own choral text, as well as my first time writing for full String Quartet, fulfilling two long term goals for me.


We are the Voices | SA Choir, Piano, & Bongo Drums (opt.) | 3:00

This piece was very fun to write as it fulfills specific educational parameters set by the commissioner Dr. Kyle Weary, such as only using the first 5 notes of the Major scale & very simple rhythms. I love writing within specific guidelines as it feels like solving a musical puzzle. This piece would be an easy learn for any Treble or Youth Choir!

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