Die Monde was Inspired by Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Tierkreis, a set of 12 pieces for music box based on the Zodiac signs, Die Monde is a set of 6 pieces based on the different times of the Celtic year. In the Celtic year, each section has a different mood and association correlated with it, such as windy time and song time. Each music box strip portrays some aspect of a certain time of the year. The laptops further add to the soundscape by using the microphone input of the music box to trigger certain events and sounds.


I. Samonios (Seed fall)
II. Dumanios (Darkest Depths)
III. Riuros (Cold)
IV. Anagantios (Stay-Home Time)
V. Ogronios (Ice Time)
VI. Giamonios (Windy Time)


Equipment used: Chromatic Music Box, MacBook Pros, MAX/MSP, Korg Nano Kontrol USB MIDI Controller

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