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Program Note

Winking Waking Wishes Wail is a pensive and sometimes dark art song for soprano and piano. The text is by Susan Jordan, who was the composer’s late aunt. The poem’s text deals with the struggle between reason and dreams. It explores the relationship and interaction between the conscious and subconscious world. The music alternates between dreamy (and perhaps whimsical) and darker, brooding sections. This piece calls for exquisite dynamic control and subtle, expressive tempo alterations.

This song is perfect for a recital or chamber concert.


Winking waking wishes wail

Across the effervescent realm

And reach reason


Where there is one sight ahead

Where dreams are dead

And fantasies of any hue

Do not exist

Nor nothing new

But reason


Struggling to gain control

The weight of conflict

Takes its toll

In repetition of the role


Caught by fingers reaching out

Beyond the pull of time

Back to the illusion

Of living and of rhyme

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