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Program Note

The Traveler is an art song for Tenor (or possibly Baritone) and piano that explores the mindset of a traveler or vagabond as he or she explores the world. The text, also written by Amy Gordon, describes the traveler’s eternal struggle between calling somewhere home and an intense desire to be freely roam.


I’ve met many in my travels

when I wander here to there.

Some places I stay longer

while others lead me elsewhere.


The people and the places,

they all have left their mark.

They serve as my compass

when I, yet again, embark.


They tell me where to turn,

who I should stay with next.

When I’m at a loss for words,

these people and places write the text.


My soul wanders where it will,

searching for a home.

And my soul is out there wandering still,

forever longing to roam.


It will follow the setting sun or the rising moon.

Always afraid its journey will end soon.

Day by day it travels on, grateful that it’s free.

But day by day, it wonders as it wanders,

where its home will be.


My feet are ever walking,

my eyes forever searching

for a place that I can call my own.

For my soul knows the traveler travels alone.

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