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The Contemporary Child: A Set of Eleven Contemporary Pieces for the Beginner to Intermediate Piano Student introduces various 20th-century techniques, such as polymodality, aleatory (chance music), and additive processes to the beginner to intermediate piano student. These pieces are designed to be playable by younger hands while still teaching important modern musical concepts. Each piece can be played by itself, as part of an abridged set, or as part of the full set.


  1. Lemonade at Home
  2. Shadow Melody
  3. Folk Song
  4. Black Forest
  5. The Elephant and the Mouse
  6. Choose Your Own Adventure! No. 1
  7. The March of Memories
  8. Choose Your Own Adventure! No. 2
  9. Grasshopper
  10. Add On (Additive Processes)
  11. The Enchanted Castle (Duet for 4-hands)

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