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Program Note

The Astral Sense is a three-movement song cycle for Mezzo Soprano and Piano. The text, written by Elizabeth Matson, describes the sublime and corporal effects of time passing. The first song in the song cycle has a fast, fluttery piano accompaniment that patters away throughout almost the entire song. The second song has jazz-like harmonies reminiscent of a moody standard from the Great American Songbook, accompanying the singer as she sings of spring, breath, and life taking wing. The third song is very fast, with bright repeated chords in the piano. A 3:2 feel is used consistently throughout the accompaniment, while the singer sings of “skin, pink in chagrin” and “now’s idle sin”.

This set would work well for a chamber recital or solo vocal recital series.



Within deep eyes

You’ll recognize

Unearthly Sighs

Of sublime skies.


And like with fall

The end greets all

Though does not stop to socialize.



Beneath the breast,

Under the chest,

Each breath does wrest

The soul’s sweet nest.


And like with spring

All life takes wing

And heart beat hides the meaningless.



Atop the skin,

Pink in chagrin,

The lines drawn in

Show where it’s been.


And like with time

Each pointless rhyme

Will illustrate now’s idle sin.

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