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Program Note

Shadows, commissioned by Kat Anderson and dedicated to The Los Angeles Belles, is a meditative piece for SSSAA, Piano, and Singing Bowl (with E tuning). Incorporating elements of minimalism, meditation practices, and modal inflections, “Shadows” creates a reflective and introspective mood. The setting of the text is meant to showcase the entire ensemble and each individual member. The text is passed around between parts, creating fun ensemble interplay.

The text describes the “lingering shadows” in “majestic purples, with touches of gray”, perhaps describing the deep colors left at the end of the day, particularly at dusk. The darkness and “cold winds” described in the text allow us to experience “the power of our lust” as “two souls touch in an explosion of being”. The ensemble highlights these changing moods through both subtle and surprising dynamic shifts and harmonic colors.

“Shadows” is a great piece for any intermediate to advanced women’s ensemble. It may be performed without the piano, if desired.


In majestic purples, with touches of gray
The shadows will linger beyond and through
The expanse of day, they will remain
Entombed in memories that seem ever changing
As we dance along the winding way
Energized by shadows, alive in thoughts
that we allow to stay


The cold wind screams in the night
Of our humanity, and shows all roads
Lead on and on, as we try to catch
The feelings that matter
To touch the bareness of our base
With radiating warmth that envelops our thoughts
And leaves us open to the beauty
of our gentleness
And the power of our lust


Two souls touch in an explosion of being
As the cold goes away, slips past us, and fades
In purple majesty, throwing shadows along our way

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