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Program Note

Along the Bay is a lyrical and reflective duet for soprano and piano. The poem “Along the Bay” is from a larger collection of poems entitled As Time Stops to Rest, written by the composer’s late aunt, Susan Jordan. The text describes the passage of snowflakes as they fall, join the dew, and eventually become the bay, possibly a metaphor for our lives. The references to dancing and Tinker Bell highlight the playful nature of this journey.

While Along the Bay is the third movement from a larger song cycle As Time Stops to Rest, it can also be used as a stand-alone piece in any concert or recital.


Snowflakes melt

But hold their shapes

In minute yet

Important ways

And join the dew

That greets the day

And flow together

Making the bay


And I have traveled very far,

Passing shadows

That dare me to stay

I have traveled

With snowflakes

Along the bay


Tinker Bell how wise and small

Possessing knowledge

Needed by all


And forever came and went

Was given by some, by others spent

But we knew that life was started

In the dew

And followed snowflakes in their dance

Tinker Bell helped us prance

in beat, along the bay

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