On August 26th at 4pm at St. Francis Palos Verdes, The South Bay Chamber Singers will premier my brand-new choral song cycle “As Time Stops to Rest”. This song cycle is dedicated to my late aunt Susan Jordan, who is the author of the beautiful text used in the song cycle. The song cycle begins with the first movement Two Friends which paints the serene picture of two friends sitting by the ocean and enjoying their time with each other and nature. The second movement, Storm’s End, contains more conflict and opens with a storm-like flurry in the piano. After the storm passes, a sense of peace and love with life comes over the narrator. The third and final movement, Magic, describes the journey of sensing the ever-present “spirit kingdom” throughout life, occasionally almost touching it, and finally joining it (perhaps upon death) as the narrator “enters the kingdom of All, and AM”.


The South Bay Chamber Singers is a brand-new professional choir in the South Bay directed by Mallory Gantner. It is conducted by Bryant Nguyen and features accompaniment by Manuel Arellano.


The concert is free and will have a delicious reception after with wine and food!
More details may be found here.