“From the opening track “One Door Opens” I was pulled in. Her music has a hop in its step with optimism and hope for a better day. The album is really well produced with all the elements balanced and breathing like a true professional. With this collection of songs Amy shows that she is no singer-come-lately but a true talent.”
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–From Reviews by Michael

“Ms Gordon has more in her armoury that she can use to make that crater in your consciousness. Take off your Kevlar helmet for the title song of her album, “Waiting On Go”, is nothing less than a showtune infused with near gothic sensibilities and she sends the song out into the crowd as if theatre was all there was.”
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–From Bluesbunny Music Reviews

“All that private noodling and honing of craft has paid off. Gordon was named a finalist for the 2012 SongDoor International Songwriting Competition in the pop music category.”
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–By Jonathan Van Dyke, writer for the Long Beach Gazette

“Gordon’s song speaks to her generation, reminding others that lost opportunities leave room for new chances. Her lyrics include somber lines like “Remember the first job that you loved so much, and then you were let go,” that are backed up by reassuring affirmations like “You don’t know what’s in store for you.” Her theatrical composition supports the storytelling by providing energy-filled hooks and rolling tempos for the lyrics to sit on.”
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–By Vivian Gatica, staff writer for Daily 49er

“Beautiful voice, beautiful melody, catchy tunes! Highly recommend this CD for those people who truly appreciate a true music talent!”

“Amy has a beautiful voice. My favorites are “One Door Opens” and “Wake Up Everymorning”. Loved the lyrics and enjoyed them all. The “One Door Opens” is stuck in my head and I love to sing along thru my long commute. What a talented young lady!!”

“I just bought and listened to this album a few times through, it’s a very fine debut – I’m partial to catchy pop songs with lyrics that could work on a movie soundtrack and there are several strong songs in this collection that would work well – One Door Opens, Waiting on Go, Back, and Someone Just Like You. These are some of my favorites – they are melodic songs with thoughtful lyrics. A quite listenable album, I’ve got it on background while I work.”


An article in The Beach Reporter about the premiere of my three-movement song cycle As Time Stops To Rest by the South Bay Chamber Singers (founded by Mallory Gantner) in Palos Verdes.
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-By Michael Hixon, staff writer for The Beach Reporter 

An interview with myself and Mallory Gantner in the Easy Reader News by Bondo Wyszpolski discussing the premiere of my three-movement song cycle As Time Stops To Rest by the South Bay Chamber Singers in Palos Verdes
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-By Bondo Wyszpolski, staff writer for Easy Reader News

The announcement by The Hood River News about my piece Sub Tuum Praesidium being named the first Dr. Jim McMillan Prize winner by the Columbia Gorge Orchestra Association, conducted by Mark Steighner.

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The Musical Life: LA Composer Amy Gordon on Understanding Music Theory
Listen to my interview on the podcast The Musical Life with James Taylor, where I discuss music theory, how I write songs, and my upcoming projects.

Meet the Composer: Amy Gordon

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