1:45 | Baritone and Piano | Request Score

Program Note

A Minuet of Mozart’s sets this musical poem by Sara Teasdale. The poem is filled with musical imagery such as “the violin” drawing “wefts of sound” as they “airily […] wove and wound and glimmered gold against the gloom”. The music creates a sense of magic that dissipates “at the pausing of the bow”. The musical setting has a dance-like waltz pattern paired with darker chromatic undertones, referencing both the magic of the music and the return to “wave of night” when it stops.


Across the dimly lighted room

The violin drew wefts of sound,

Airily they wove and wound

And glimmered gold against the gloom.


I watched the music turn to light,

But at the pausing of the bow,

The web was broken and the glow

Was drowned within the wave of night.